Learned to be a "business management" major; the first batch of craft artists hired in the Zigong Lantern industry and the cultural enterprise management consultant appointed by the Institute of Lantern Design and Culture of Sichuan Institute of Technology, the 19th, 20th, and 20th A member of the expert group of the Zigong International Dinosaur Lantern Festival.


National second-level artist, art consultant and master student tutor of the Institute of Lantern Design and Culture of Sichuan Institute of Technology. He has been in the industry for more than 40 years. In 2005, he participated in the Zigong International Dinosaur Lantern Festival as the chief artist and served as the judge of the total beauty and art in the subsequent Zigong International Dinosaur Lantern Festival. He has traveled to Myanmar, Singapore, Korea and other countries for many times. Art design work. Specially appointed as Longteng Lantern, landscape art consultant.


Member of the Chinese Quyi Association, member of the Sichuan Writers Association, executive vice chairman of the Zigong City Internet Writers Association, and registered expert of the Zigong City Think Tank Planning Institute, participated in the planning and management of the 8-21st Zigong International Dinosaur Lantern Festival, and the cultural consultant of Zigong Longteng Culture Art Company.


He is an expert of the State Council government subsidy, the first batch of academic leaders of the formation and paleontology in Chongqing, and a national-level cultural expert. He used to be the director of Chongqing Museum, Chongqing Natural Museum, vice chairman of China Society of Vertebrate Animals, director of China Natural Museum Society, and visiting professor of Chengdu University of Technology. He has won the "National Natural Science Second Prize" and "Sichuan Science Progress Second Prize".



Zigong City Dragon Culture & Arts Co.,Ltd is a comprehensive team which specialize in a wide variety of Lanterns, Floats, Color boats, artistic landscape and animatronic dinosaurs design, production and exhibition, as well as Urban lighting and landscaping and Lantern supporting product development.

What we believe in:Adhering to the tradition and determined to the innovation are our philosophy that courage us to tap, to discover and to create. ‘Integrity Unity, Quality first’is what we insist on. We expect to develop together with partners from all over the world. Dragon Culture is waiting for your journey here.


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We use the lanterns and man-made landscapes to inherit the Chinese excellent culture and interpret the Chinese spirit to contribute Chinese value to the world civilization...

Leader's speech

Tianxingjian, the gentleman is self-improving, Longteng will use our words and deeds to practice our core values ​​and use our hard work and sweat to accomplish our mission.


The integration of global economy and culture has accelerated social change. We must constantly examine our own situation, understand the future development of the industry, promote development through transformation, and create the future with innovation. Longteng Company should become the representative of high-growth enterprises in the industry, repair both inside and outside, surpass itself, and bring the potential of enterprises and employees to the extreme.


Thanks to all of our customers, partners and company employees. Let us work together, encourage each other, trust each other, and face the opportunities and challenges brought about by the great times.


Dragon Teng landscape living sculpture concept - quiet culture


Meditation is just existence, not doing anything - no action, no thoughts, no emotions, and some are just being. It is a total joy. When you do nothing, where does this joy come from? It has nowhere to come, or it comes from every place, and it has no reason, because existence is made up of the material called joy.


Planning and designing a quiet and beautiful, transcendental humanistic cultural symbol, giving people a quiet and distant...


Longteng landscape planning and design, always follow the concept of harmony between nature and humanity, let people return to the place where emotions are completely relaxed and enjoyable, let people stay quiet and long in the short time and space tunnel, and have a long aftertaste.